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Tipsy Brush Studio Loves to Host Visiting Artists!!

Rev. Vivian Love, Intuitive Artist!
​Vivian was a hit during WOW, 2015!!  She sat with clients in the Channel Bar and sketched with pastels while she shared the angel messages that she was receiving. The messages cover the full range of life experiences including those we anticipate with joy and those we wish to avoid. The message is relayed by an angel who begins to take shape in the sketch. Often those who have passed over before us call out in these readings, as do our Guardian Angels, guides, teachers, and helpers from the spiritual realm. 

Want to experience a reading with Vivian? 
​You can email her directly at or call her @ 231-220-5400.
​Cost: 30 minutes - $50;   60 minutes - $100

Our Resident Artists:

Sandee Carrier, Owner

Megan Cannon

​Eliza Davis